COS John Kelly Slams Democrat Representative Frederica Wilson


A Democrat from Florida named Frederica Wilson, famous for her rhinestone cowgirl hats, has been traveling from news show to news show claiming that Trump callously told the family that the fallen soldier La David Johnson “knew what he was signing up for.”

Ms. Wilson cherry-picked and misportrayed the context of the private conversation between the President and Mrs. Johnson.

Wilson exploited a conversation from a President to a devastated widow for political gain. WTVR reported that President Donald Trump denied Wednesday that he told the widow of a U.S. serviceman killed in an ambush in Niger that “he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt.”

Chief of Staff John Kelly slammed Wilson as he explained during a presser what the President was actually trying to convey. The COS said that he came from a time when certain things were sacred: women were honored but that isn’t true today, religion was sacred but that’s gone, respect for life was sacred, that’s gone too. Our American hero said:

“It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me,” he said, adding that the death of someone serving their country in the military was sacred.

“I just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield, I thought that might be sacred. And when I listened to this woman and what she was saying and what she was doing on TV, the only thing I could do to collect my thoughts was to go and walk among the finest men and women on this earth,” he said.

By the way, Barack Obama never called John Kelly when his son died in war.

Ms. Wilson learned nothing. She attacked the chief of Staff.

This is the heartbreaking image of the widow Myeshia Johnson meeting her husband’s body.



  1. After that moving, solemn introduction by Kelley and after taking the last question What was the response by those reporters in the room. They started yelling out questions in an undignified manner. It shows a complete lack of respect for, as Kelly himself said, “nothing is sacred”. Their hatred is on display daily without any reservation.

  2. Most polished, career POLITICIANS, have law degrees and are well-versed in the art of public speaking. President Trump, contrary to what many on the left think, has virtues and talents but being articulate is NOT one of them. In my opinion, the president was trying to convey that this young man KNEW when he joined the military what the risks could entail even and including being killed on the battlefield BUT he signed up to serve his country willingly anyway. WHY are politicians on either side of this issue causing more pain for this young widow by continuing this meaningless dialogue instead of coming together to offer support to the families of this widow and the families of the other three men who also died in service to their country on that fateful day?

  3. We can say ever since 9-11 and the “war on terror” anyone who has joined since then would be under full realization he may lay his life down. No one would say they didn’t sign up for this. After that event and the ensuing conflicts there were those in the military who DID say they didn’t sign up for this. They wanted the benefits but didn’t want to fulfill the obligations required for those benefits. Those who enlisted afterwards are Truly serving their country for admiral reasons, unlike those who only wanted benefits. Their deaths deserve the utmost respect.

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