Cossacks Now Patrolling Streets in Russia Like the Texas Rangers


The cossacks are back! They are patrolling the streets looking for minor disturbances with a special eye out for beggars, drunks, and disruptive Muslims.

They are not paid but are hoping to become a police force. The Russian leadership okayed it because they want to get back to their conservative values [that’s what the Russians said].

They are dressed in their colorful outfits complete with fur collars and hats.

Patrol leader, Igor Gulichev said they are like the Texas Rangers. He said, “They [Texas Rangers] are just like Cossacks, and they work for the government, but they’re welcomed with open arms. How come this should be allowed in America, but not in Russia, with our rich Cossack traditions? We’re like Chuck Norris!” [Chuck Norris played the lead role in the TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger]

I don’t know if I agree with Igor. Seems to me the Texas Rangers have a richer history with finer traditions. Hopefully, the cossacks are not going back to that rich tradition of rounding up Jews though the Muslims might want to start worrying.

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