Death To Israel & The West & It Will Cost You A Billion Dollars

Radical Cleric Ghannouchi Being Portrayed By Lamestream Media As A Democrat

Now we are giving billions of dollars in aid to a country under the influence of a terrorist cleric who wants to destroy Israel.  The radical, anti-Israel Cleric, Imam Ghannouchi, is planning  a new government in Tunisia (to be called Tunis). He has returned from London after 20 years in exile, and is now the leader of The Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia. His plan includes death to Israel & the West..

“Arab media has reported an interview with Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood leader Rachid Ghannouchi in which he calls for and predicts the end of Israel. According a Muslim World News translation of the interview in the London-based Elaph:

Ghannouchi developed a new strategy for post-revolutionary Tunis, and calls it “The jurisprudence of building, economic growth and construction” (editor’s note – he sounds like the statists in the U.S. so don’t listen to the words, watch what he does and has done), and a new political perception of joint work and tolerance between the different political forces Nahda supports the foundation of a democracy, and preserving Tunis. * Ghannouchi praises the role that Qatar played in the Tunisian and Arab revolutions by adopting them in the media; Qatar provided a platform to their spokesmen * Ghannouchi says that the Tunisian revolution is a true popular revolution. He has confidence in it in spite of the attempts to arrouse a counter revolution * In the next four years, the IUMS plans to establish four universities, one Arab speaking in Turkey, and another is the Tunisian defunct Zaytuna. Ghannouchi supports the Libyan revolution, and hopes it succeeds and joins the other successful revolutions.

Ghannouchi maintains that altogether the Arab revolutions are positive for the Palestinians, and threaten to bring Israel to an end. He says that the Palestinian problem lies at the heart of the Nation [umma], and that all the land between the mosque in Mecca and Jerusalem represents the heart of the Islamic Nation, and any [foreign] control over part of this heart is a stamp on the umma’s illness (editor’s note – Israel is the problem for Palestine). There is no doubt, he continues, that the revolutions open a new age, in which the regimes which support the West and Israel fall – Egypt, Tunis and soon Libya, Yemen and Syria. The foundations of Western interests in the Arab countries are shaking.

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, he concludes, said that Israel will come to an end prior to 2027; this date looks far, and may be Israel will come to an end sooner. Read about the murderous and fascist goals here: Global Muslim Daily Report

Meanwhile women in Tunisia are staging protests against the Burqa and they fear losing what freedoms they have won in the past 20 years. Signs at the airport when Ghannouchi arrived screamed, “NO SHARIA!” The so-called Arab Spring is becoming the Fascist Spring with the help of a U.S. President dedicated to appeasement.