Could Tea Partiers Smuggle Handcuffs by Capitol Security?



What do you think the chances are a group of people wearing bright yellow Gadsden Flag t-shirts, would be able to sneak handcuffs into a Senate hearing featuring three of their most high profile protagonists? What’s the probability that Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton, seated in front of U.S. Senators, would be accosted by an unruly group of Tea Partiers waving steel manacles within inches of their faces? There is no chance.

Yet, if you replace the Tea Party with Code Pink, and the trio mentioned above with Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, and George Schultz, you had this seemingly unbelievable scenario play out in front of what came to be a stunned national audience. Sadly, people apparently already forgetting the attacks on Canada’s Parliament and a Paris newspaper, were more shocked by Senator McCain’s labeling one of the miscreants as “low-life scum” than the fact these notorious, well known activists, brazenly distinguishing themselves with signs and red-painted hands, still got past Capitol Hill Security.

Can we imagine the same kind of focus if Tea Partiers had somehow survived their inevitable profiling and cavity search, to pull the same nasty stunt? No amount of name calling by Chuck Schumer or Harry Reid would have removed the spotlight from the threat those “right wingers” posed to the safety of our esteemed Americans, Lerner, Holder, and Clinton. Those smuggled handcuffs would have been slapped on the conservatives and, they’d have been frog marched right out the door. A cheering media would race to “get to the bottom of the story”, then and furiously spin articles designed to keep alive their stereotyping of a “dangerous Tea Party” element.

So how is it such a blatant, and risky breach of safety in the heart of the U.S. Capitol Building, in the middle a hearing featuring three renowned former Secretaries of State, has thus far stirred absolutely no curiosity among feeding-frenzied journalists usually panting to be first on a big story? Why no interest in finding out if a particular politician invited the Code Pinkos, and if that invite gave them a pass on the most basic of security checks?

Something this fishy usually stinks from the head down. The lack of inquisitiveness tells us asking questions might give the scribes answers they don’t want. We can bet it if the “reporters” thought it was a Conservative Republican’s noggin for the taking they’d be all over this. They know which side of the aisle is more likely to open the door for anti-war extremists to do something overly extreme. So they’ll wait, hoping the story will die, hoping a bunch of Tea Party folk get a notion to try something similar.

That’ll never happen. A 90 year old couple in matching wheelchairs, sporting “Don’t Tread on Me Hats” wouldn’t so much as get a ball point pen past Capitol Hill Security. Nor would they want to.