County Executive Steve Bellone’s Vision of Paradise #Gulag


The Suffolk County legislature passed a bill that mandates landlords rent to anyone who is in a group with an “identity” which would include people on welfare, criminals, and people here illegally.  They have group identities. Also, employers must hire them unless there is some reason unrelated to their “group identity”.

It also pushes creditors, including banks, towards providing mortgages to people who can ill afford them by demanding they not consider their government-dependency status.

There are mandated accommodations at work. Breastfeeding has to be accommodated. What does that mean exactly? Can women bring their babies to work? .

Accommodations for “sincerely held religious observance or practice” must be made but to what degree could end up being decided by the government or courts at considerable expense to employers and/or landlords.

The government should not be mandating this. One-size-fits-all does not work.

Suffolk County seems to be subscribing to the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

By leaving average, hard working citizens out, they could be subject to bigotry.

The new bill, 1620, is about to be signed by its sponsor Suffolk County Executive and Democrat Steve Bellone. It was approved unanimously by the legislature which includes Republicans. [Update: 9/17/14: Not one constituent complained about the bill which explains why the vote was unanimous.]

It bans renters from discriminating against people on government dependency and classifies “source of income” as a “protected class”. If people do not have the resources to pay, landlords of multiple family rentals can no longer use that as a reason to turn them down for a lease.

Landlords are at a serious disadvantage. It takes about eight months in Suffolk County to evict someone for non-payment. Will the government be there for them when their renters can’t pay?

People here illegally and criminals are protected classes of people. How will they be treated?

Must employers hire them unless there are other issues?

What other issues could there possibly be?

If they don’t do it, you will pay fines up to $100,000 because you violated their human rights.

The bill even has a severability clause.

If you saw this announcement on Long, you would have thought the bill merely protects innocents including transgenders, military, the handicapped, violence victims, nursing mothers, and pregnant women. They don’t say a word about criminals but they do have a “group identity”.

You would also find out on the site that political extremists, open borders rabble-rousers, and so on, are behind it. ACORN – now called New York Communities for Change, Planned Parenthood, Community Housing Innovations, SEPA and other radicals pushed for it.

They like to pretend that by not supporting it you are a racist.

“The passage of this bill will send out a clear message to all those who live in Suffolk County that harbor prejudice, bigotry or racism,” Rabbi Steven Moss, chairman of Suffolk’s Human Rights Commission, said last week.

The Rabbi thinks it’s bigotry to not want to rent to people who might not pay their rent or who might want to cause them harm.

Renters and employers could lose their rights under the guise of protecting the rights of others. Being discerning about who you rent to or who you hire has just been turned into civil rights discrimination by the Progressives.

Anyone in Suffolk can now yell discrimination to the county’s Human Rights Commission and fines can reach $50,000 to $100,000.

The next person who serves your food could be a murderer and if you have a place to rent, you just might have to rent to people who won’t work for a living.

Suffolk is being inundated with foreigners here illegally and it is turning suburbia into a progressive heaven. They are all future Democratic voters.

What if they are members of groups like MS-13? Would that be enough to deny them or are they a protected group? It seems they are a protected group. Border Patrol has not been allowed to detain them.

Do we have to hire alcoholics as limo drivers? You’d have to spend money in a civil rights suit to find out if they file a grievance and you would face fines in the tens of thousands of dollars and that doesn’t count the lawsuits that will ensue requesting damages.

The bill states that it is now “the public policy of the County of Suffolk to eliminate and prevent discrimination and to safeguard the right of every person to live and work in Suffolk County without regard to actual or perceived race, color, creed, gender, alienage or citizenship status, disability, familial status, marital status, military status, sexual orientation, age, national origin, income source or status as a victim of domestic violence.”

If you are a labor organizer, you are also protected by this bill.

Everyone with a “group identity” is protected.

The bill further states: “the purpose of this Article [Unlawful Discriminatory Acts] is to create a mechanism to eliminate and prevent discrimination from playing any role in actions that occur within Suffolk County relating to employment, public accommodations, housing and other real estate, and to take other actions against prejudice, intolerance, bigotry, discrimination and bias-related violence or harassment.”

Suffolk County already has laws to protect “protected classes” of people.

This same bill doesn’t stop at landlords and employers, it includes all creditors: “Any person or financial institution which does business in this state and which extends credit or arranges for the extension of credit by others. The term creditor includes, but is not limited to, banks and trust companies, private bankers, foreign banking corporations and national banks, savings banks, licensed lenders, savings and loan associations, credit unions, sales finance companies, insurance premium finance agencies, insurers, credit card issuers, mortgage brokers, mortgage companies, mortgage insurance corporations, wholesale and retail merchants and factors, whatever the form of their organization.”

Lawyers will love this bill. It could provide endless business. The bill states: “Any individual, including an individual who has filed a complaint with the Commission, claiming to be aggrieved by an unlawful discriminatory practice as proscribed by this Article shall have a cause of action in any court of competent jurisdiction for damages, injunctive relief and such other remedies as may be appropriate.”

The bill is to bring us in line with New York State law which is why New York is 50th out of 50 states in every conceivable business category. New York is not a good place to invest.

The same basic bill has been bandied about the New York State legislature and has passed in Nassau County.



I.R. 1620 – Suffolk County Legislature

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