Couple Leaves Infant in Car While They Go to Movies, No Arrests, Guess Why


South Texas is fortunately not as hot this time of year as it could be and that might be why a four month old baby didn’t die while locked in the family car in a parking lot.

A baby was left inside a parked car while the parents went inside a movie theater with their four year old child, kiitv reported.

There were no arrests made.

Can you guess why?

The officers were showing cultural sensitivity.

The family is from Saudi Arabia and they said they do this all the time in Saudi Arabia. It’s common practice in their country, they said. The police were being sensitive to their cultural differences.

Hello! They aren’t in Saudi Arabia! If they were Americans, they would have been arrested.

The police are investigating, however.

What do you think about this?


  1. They leave kids in a car outside in Saudi Arabia? I’m calling bullshit. SA is the Land of the Long Absent Cloud if they left their kids in the hot car they would be baked.

  2. A lotta crap: Saudi people do not leave their kids inside the car ; this is against their religion and culture.

  3. No, I really don’t understand this. Heck, they could have left the infant at home if they were going to leave the baby unattended. That would have been safer and better and than in a car.

  4. When they come to this country they follow our laws, not the laws in their country. They put a child in danger and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Then turn them over to ICE.

  5. I always thought the rule was that ignorance of the law is no excuse. This will open too many issues if not addressed, never mind the safety of the child.

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