Government Agency Snatches Baby on a Single Doctor’s Complaint


Anna and Alex Nikolayev

News 10 reported on a Sacramento, California couple who had their newborn baby taken away from them by Children’s Protective Services (CPS) because of a single doctor complaint.

The parents, Anna and Alex Nikolayev, wanted a second opinion after a doctor told them the baby needed emergency heart surgery.

The parents knew their son, five months, had a heart murmur that would eventually require surgery. Their doctor told them to wait until the baby grew a little bigger and stronger.

They did that but shortly thereafter, their son exhibited flu-like symptoms and they took him to the hospital. The doctor there, not their usual doctor, demanded the baby be operated on immediately. The parents say the doctor ignored them when they explained they had a doctor and wanted a second opinion.

A nurse came in the room after the doctor left and said the doctor told her to inject the baby with medicine but she didn’t know what the medicine was. It turns out, the medicine was an antibiotic which the baby was not supposed to have.

They understandably left with the baby without an official discharge because they no longer trusted the hospital or the doctor. They took the baby to another hospital. The baby was cleared to go home by another doctor.

The parents weren’t opposed to the procedure but lacked confidence in the first doctor who made the formal complaint to CPS. He allegedly presented it to CPS as if it were an emergency and a case of negligent parents.

CPS sent the police to snatch their baby. CPS kept the baby in an unknown location for two weeks and would not allow visitation by the parents. They took away the parents’ rights to make any decisions on the baby’s health issues.

CPS has since returned custody of the baby to the parents and, even though the complaint was unfounded, they said they will continue to monitor the parents.

CPS can do anything they want – they are the government. The monitoring is probably a face-saving technique.

The doctor making the complaint is allowed to make such a complaint. CPS believed they have the power to take the baby away without due process if they believe the baby is in imminent danger.

The police say, the doctor’s report made it sound like a dire emergency with a baby whose life was in danger.

Listen to the father describing what took place:

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I have dealt with New York State CPS and found them to be one of the most ineffective agencies I have ever worked with.