Crazier-Than-a-Bat Maxine Waters Tells Town Hall Audience Trump’s “Abnormal”


Maxine Waters says Trump is “abnormal” and “needs to be checked out to see if he’s crazy.” Coming from Maxine, that is odd.

Waters never seems to tire of trashing the President. She has labeled Mr. Trump a “disgusting, poor excuse of a man.” She has called Mr. Trump and his associates “the Kremlin Klan”. Democratic hero Maxine never stops calling for Trump’s impeachment.

The representative from California, who doesn’t live in her district because it’s too dangerous, called for President Trump to be impeached this past Wednesday. Shocker! Auntie Maxine made her announcement at a town hall in Los Angeles.

“We’re talking about a president who not only does not deserve to be the President of the United States, but he deserves in my estimations to be impeached.”

“There are those that are scared of the word impeachment, and there are those who know he deserves to be impeached,” Waters continued. “But, are we going to sit here and wait for the next presidential election? I don’t think so.”

Waters said she will chant “impeach 45 every day”. That comment was followed by her admiring crowd chanting “impeach 45”.

Trump needs to be checked out, she says, as if she doesn’t

Waters ended by telling the audience to resist because Trump, “needs to be checked out to see if he’s crazy.”

The video from NTK Network went viral.