Crazy Bernie Undermines the Vote!


A Greek flag flutters as tourists visit the Acropolis hill archaeological site in Athens, Greece, July 2, 2015. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called on Greeks to vote 'no' in Sunday's referendum on a bailout package offered by creditors, in a defiant address that dispelled speculation he was rowing back on the plan under mounting pressure. REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier - RTX1IQMK

A state judge in Ohio has ruled that 17-year olds can vote in Ohio. That would help Bernie the looney leftist and it definitely corrupts the vote.

The hill reported that an Ohio judge has granted teenagers who will turn 18 before Election Day the right to vote in the state’s presidential primary elections in a new decision that could boost Bernie Sanders’s chances in the state on Tuesday.

Sanders sued to make this happen.

Why don’t they just have 15-year olds vote?

This is insane but not surprising. Commies like Sanders love to corrupt the vote. Youth are prone to the idealism of the failed socialist-communist model but they don’t know anything! Which is why they shouldn’t vote.

Ohio had barred 17-year-olds from voting on primary day regardless of if they would be eligible for the general election.

Rightfully so! But the man who is one inch from communism doesn’t care about the law, he uses the courts to undermine the very system courts are supposed to protect.

The decision is being appealed.