Creepy Harvard Bees


Do the scientists at Harvard have too much time on their hands? Maybe! They are inventing robot bees now.

They found a way to develop sheets of pop up robot bees that swarm and behave autonomously as a colony. They are tiny and don’t do much yet, but what’s down the road?

For one thing, they can be equipped with sensors and control actuators. They are like tiny little bee drones.

We might have camera-equipped insects and even attack bees in our future. It’s a little creepy but wonderfully amazing at the same time.

Harvard scientists have invented a method of mass-producing robot insects – creating ‘sheets’ of tiny robot bees that pop up ready for action.

When activated, a 2.4 millimetre-tall robot insect ‘pops up’ out of the sheet. The scientists say they aim to create ‘swarms’ of independently flying robot insects.

The entire product is approximately the size of a U.S. quarter, and dozens of the microrobots could ‘pop up’ out of a single sheet. Read here: Daily Mail