Homeland Security Key Words to Spot Internet Problems Are Creepy

Some Monitored Sites


The 2011 Department of Homeland Security manual known as the Desktop Binder has been posted online by The Electronic Privacy Information Center. It includes hundreds of key words and search terms used to detect possible terrorism, unfolding natural disasters and public health threats. The center is a privacy watchdog group which filed a Freedom of Information Act request and finally sued to obtain the release of the documents.

The manual was released by the center a week after Homeland Security officials were grilled at a House hearing over other documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that revealed analysts were scrutinizing online comments that “reflect adversely” on the federal government.

Not to worry though, the government said they are not monitoring dissent or trying to silence criticism. They only want to spot and address problems.

Some of the monitored sites are listed above. Basically, they are monitoring everything.

I don’t know why DHS needs the Desktop Binder because they are monitoring every imaginable site and hundreds of common words are considered “key” words which trigger a monitoring alert. If there is no limit to what they monitor, why the binder? They should simply admit that Big Brother is watching everything all the time (Big Brother is a key word by the way).

Do you like the album, Help? Do you shop in Target? Have you ever mentioned a government agency? If you have cancelled anything and written about it, you are using the key words that trigger the DHS agents.

Here is a paragraph with some more key words in blue and which would target scrutiny by the government agents –

I went out to buy some crest toothpaste and hit traffic on the Interstate. I felt like yelling for help after the delays on the bridge because of ice. I had to also watch for warnings of flooding. To make matters worse, I felt ill after eating Southwest pork but my symptoms could have been from a virus or the flu but I had a vaccine so I thought it was more likely food poisoning. It was a relief to get home – a port in the storm.

The President’s site called Attack Watch has two key words and I hope they are monitoring that.


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