Creepy ISP Spying for Big Business Begins


CISPA, PIPA & SOPA didn’t make it to law, so the Motion Picture Industry and the Recording Industry Association have taken matters into their own hands. They have teamed up with ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) to dog the Internet user who in anyway infringes based on claims by any copyright holder who says they did.

Without an all-encompassing file-sharing anti-piracy law as backing, they have decided to pass a six-strike law of their own, making Internet Users guilty until proven innocent and it requires Internet service providers who agree to be part of this to act as policemen. It’s called a “Graduated Response System.”

Internet users will have no due process if accused. All actions are taken on the word of the copyright holder and it is up to the alleged “pirate” to prove otherwise. We are now France where you are guilty until proven innocent.

There is no vetting of the one complaining and the accused can only object by using one of several approved methods which require $35 filing fees. There are NO consequences for those who wrongly accuse people of infringing.

The ISP will monitor you when a copyright holder says you are illegally downloading their material, the ISP then warns you with four written notices, then they take mitigation measures which includes slowing down your site or cutting off your browsing abilities, and finally, they sue you.

The written notices begin with two warnings (probably by email) which include educational opportunities for the alleged infringer. The next two are popup warnings that must be acknowledged.

The lawsuits from the copyright holder and the ISP cutting of the “pirate’s” access is in accordance with section 512 of the Digital Millenium Copy right Act )DCMA).

It was supposed to start in July but it has been delayed because Internet service providers who have signed up are still writing the wording for the popups. It is expected to begin later this year.

If you download movies or music or anything, beware.

The Center for Copyright Information (CCI), which was set up by the entertainment and ISP industries will be in charge, appointing six people to rule with the guidance of a three-member advisory board.

The big ISP”S have joined include AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon. Smaller ones are not necessarily part of this yet.

Unless there is a huge movement by the Internet community, there isn’t much you can do about any of this.

I understand the copyright owners need to protect their property but the lack of due process and the lack of any law to govern this use of the “free” Internet is only going to lead to abuses. It’s big business controlling the Internet while politicians look the other way.

It’s big business fascism.

Sources: US News & World Report and Digital Trends