Maher to Sanders: ‘Americans Are Already Socialists’


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During an appearance on Bill Maher’s show, Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher discussed making Americans into Socialists. Maher said, “We have to teach Americans they are already Socialists”. He didn’t actually mean it, it was part of his questioning technique.

Bernie wants more Socialism with paid family medical leave, full freebies for people here illegally, universal healthcare, tuition-free college, and he wants to take from the “rich” to level income inequality. Success must be punished.

It’s going to cost trillions and it has to be on the backs of the 50% of the country who still pay taxes.

We have had more income inequality under Barack Obama than under past presidents because of leftist policies. Still, Maher asked Bernie to “undemonize” the word “Socialism”.

Bernie seems to think that taxing the rich alone will cover all the endless freebies he wants to give out along with controlling prices. They do that in Venezuela and we know how that is working out.

Bernie wants Universal healthcare but it didn’t work in Vermont, as Maher pointed out, and they had to drop plans for it. Bernie had no answer for the fact that it was unaffordable in Vermont. His answer was he’s not the Governor.

Bernie, as young communist, lived off unemployment, working various short-term jobs in between until he was elected to his government job. That’s his mindset.

Bernie wants to take away civil rights and steal peoples’ money and a lot of Americans want him to do exactly that. They’re entitled to other peoples’ money.

The Washington Times computed the costs of the Democrat’s platform after the debate. Mrs. Clinton proposed $515 billion in new domestic spending over 10 years in the debate Tuesday night, on initiatives ranging from energy to education.

Sanders was the biggest spender on the debate platform. The NTU has calculated that Mr. Sanders’ agenda totals $1 trillion in annual spending increases, and that in the past six years he has supported spending at levels 17 times higher than that of the average Senate Democrat.

Bernie also wants to nationalize the banks but they are already basically nationalized thanks to Dodd-Frank and they are still too big to fail. The regulators control the banks as Trump mentions in this video. Trump called him a “maniac” and that’s what formed the basis of the Maher-Sanders discussion.