Creepy Verizon Plan to Spy on You Through Your TV


Big Brother is trying to spy on you through your TV sets so they can collect information about you and then tell advertisers what commercials to put on your TV.

Verizon filed a patent idea that will allow the DVR to spy on TV viewers, perhaps they will only see shadows but they will hear your private conversations. They will then take that information and run ads that coincide with the viewers’ conversations. It will track day-and-night.

If viewers are singing, have a dog, seem angry, they will be bombarded with commercial breaks on music, dog food and anger management. There is no end to their creeping on our private lives if we allow this.

The patent idea is called Verizon Selects and the DVR comes with a camera and a mic.

They obviously don’t believe the Constitution gives us a right to privacy but it is unlikely the US public will agree.

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