Crime Will Be Treated as a Disease in New York City


New York City mayor Bill Sandanista de Blasio is turning to Chicago on how to handle crime even though their black teens kill each other at four times the rate of New York City thanks to gangs.


Sandanista Bill

He will spend $13 million on instituting the “Gun Violence Crisis Management System” which is used unsuccessfully in Chicago. The  underlying premise is that gun violence is a public health problem not a law enforcement problem, at least as far as gangs are concerned. Legal gun owners are treated like felons here in New York City and in Chicago.

The system will send former gang members and social workers into areas with recent shootings as a “crisis management team”. They will look to job training, therapy and lawyers to solve the problems of these violent criminals.

That’s what we used to do in New York before they began to enforce the law seriously.

The violence interrupter program will operate in five NYPD precincts.

New York used to see 2,000 shooting deaths a year and that’s down to under 500. The reverse is true of Chicago so why are we mimicking them?

I’ve worked with Social Services for three decades and they don’t effectuate positive change. The statistics support me on that.

It will make New York City less safe but it will get out the vote.

Since Stop and Frisk ended, the city has become more dangerous it appears. Shootings are up 27.5 percent in the four weeks ending August 3rd, and up 12 percent this year overall, while stops are down close to 100 percent in some precincts.

If you’re planning a vacation, New York City might not be the place to go. At least you should stay off the side streets.

h/t Herb Richmond