Criminalizing Free Speech: New Hampshire School Arrests Parent for Talking Too Long


William Baer

William Baer

If you want to know what life will be like living under far-left wing ideologues, take a look at the William Baer arrest.

New Hampshire used to be the “Live Free or Die State” but no longer.  It might be leaning towards becoming the “Shut Up or Get Arrested State”.  A New Hampshire school board, upset with a parent for voicing his objections about a pornographic book his 14-year old daughter was told to read for class, decided to criminalize his objections when he spoke beyond the allotted two-minutes.

This is tyrannical when a parent can be arrested by public officials for talking too long.

The book is assigned reading throughout the state. It is a violent, sexually explicit book which tells the story of school shootings from a left-wing perspective.

The two-minute rule is new and obviously it is meant to shut down free speech and all dissent because no one can say much of value in two minutes. Who are the officials of a public facility to tell a parent he can only speak for two minutes? The parent wasn’t abusive or out of control and his arguments were reasoned.

This occurred at the Gilford High School.

The blaze interviewed Mr. Baer, the parent who was arrested, and he told them that the officer didn’t want to do it.

“His hands were shaking I believe,” William Baer said. “And then when I observed his demeanor and his behavior — He was clearly nervous and I said to him, ‘What are you so nervous about? I’m the one getting arrested.’”

“His hands were shaking I believe.”

“And he said something to the effect of, ‘I really don’t want to do this,’” Baer recalled to TheBlaze.

All Mr. Baer wanted was an “opt-in” notice before questionable books are made part of the mandatory reading in school.

Click here to read some of the offensive paragraphs. Some might call them explicit, but if you are making 14-year olds read them, it’s pornography.

The book is “Nineteen Minutes,” by Jodi Picoult. Picoult is a staunch left-winger who thinks anyone who doesn’t agree with her is a radical “fringe” person. She is a good writer. Her stories focus on far-left ideology.

Listen to the parent’s daughter and the father discuss his situation with Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File: