Criminals and Foreign Governments Are Hacking Healthcare dot Gov



Two million users have been notified that their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and gmail have been hacked. What does that say for the future of which has no security built into it?

Stuart Varney asked Ezekiel Emanuel three times on his program yesterday to vouch for the security of and he refused to answer.

We know that criminal organizations and foreign governments have hacked The website is getting hundreds of thousands attacks a day.

The Administration is bragging about a paltry 50,000 enrollees on the site and we aren’t even sure if they are actually enrolled.

President Obama, who is completely disengaged, only met with Sebelius once while the site was being built. The first time Obama called an emergency meeting was in mid-October according to the New York Times. This is despite the fact that they knew in April the site was crashing and in serious trouble.

Meanwhile 5.5 million policies have been canceled and it is unknown how many people that represents – it could be 10 to 15 million people who have lost their policies.

Less than a third of youth are considering signing up for Obamacare. We now have 57% of the nation opposing the Obamacare law.

Gateway Pundit stated that a private company offered to build the Obamacare website for free, based on a statement made by Darrell Issa after hearing that claim at yesterday’s hearing. I don’t know which company they were referring to, but Samuel J. Palmisano, the Chairman of the Board and CEO for IBM, said in a 2010 Wall Street Journal interview that he offered to provide the Obama Administration with a program that would curb healthcare claims fraud and abuse by almost one trillion dollars but the Obama White House turned the offer down.

Daily Caller reported that CGI, the company that earned the no-bid contract to build the failed Obamacare website,  ‘also runs the Army’s disastrous Human Terrain System in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company has been accused of fraud, sexual harassment and racism.’

Wired says that 125,000 were enrolled for health insurance by the end of November. In December 1996, Amazon claimed about 50,000 daily visits. But this past October, Amazon handled an average of more than 3.5 million unique visitors per day. 

If you count the hackers, I guess the website is a standout in numbers of hits.