Cuba Shipping MiG’s to North Korea in Crates of Sugar

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

A North Korean ship was seized and its 35-member crew arrested after two MiG-21 fighter jets were found hidden in crates of sugar as the ship traveled through the Panama Canal from Cuba.

Missiles and other weapons were also found in the sugar.

The UN sanctions prohibit the transfer of weapons to North Korea.

Can you imagine how many get through that we don’t know about?!? Obama is worried about legal gun owners in the US but he really needs to refocus.

Cuba tried to say the weapons were obsolete. North Korea was refurbishing them, Cuba claimed, and they would eventually return them to Cuba. Oh yes, North Korea is known, actually renowned, for their fighter jet refurbishing.

North Korea is trying to say it was a legitimate shipment and they want their crew released. [Probably so they can execute them.]

Cuba is an ally of North Korea. What a pair.