Cuba’s Single Payer System Coming to the USA



photo of the US healthcare gravestone, it’s all over

The democratic plan to collapse our way of delivering healthcare services in order to pave the way for single payer is working!

The Washington Free Beacon printed a brief story Thursday about the University of Virginia dropping healthcare coverage for spouses. The university can’t afford to pay the additional $7 million dollars caused mostly by Obamacare.

UPS is about to do the same.

The service industries are cutting full-time employees to part-time in droves.

None of this is a problem for the left. All is going according to plan. The plan is to get everyone dependent on government healthcare.

We will all one day be on single payer, commie-style healthcare.

Then you will really know what it’s like to wait for emergency surgeries unless you have money or know someone important. You will get to see what it means to not pay doctors the salary they deserve – brilliant people aren’t going to become doctors to earn poor salaries.

The Democratic plan is to collapse our current healthcare system and replace it with single payer. We will never come out from under single payer and our country will never be the same. Unless the House defunds it, you are looking at the end of healthcare as we have known it.

It’s always been about devolving into Single Payer: