Cuomo’s Girlfriend Is Eligible for Wifely Perks



Andrew Cuomo lives with his girlfriend Sandra Lee in her home in Westchester. She is the Food Network star and she writes books.

The state Joint Commission on Public Ethics decided that she is entitled to taxpayer-paid perks of being Cuomo’s wife.

At the same time, she doesn’t have to disclose her financial data which spouses normally are required to do. This is because of a separate ethics commission ruling – the 2013 Ethics Filing Instructions.

She could be working for a company that NYS has a contract with or lobbies the Governor and she is free and clear. The possibility of a conflict of interest is quite real.

Maybe Cuomo should forget about passing gun bills that infringe on the Second Amendment and take a look at the ethics of his ethics board.

Ethics is what they say it is. How ironic that the NYS Ethics Commission ruled this way when New York State just had massive political corruption exposed on the front pages of every newspaper.