D.C. Nobility-Pols & Pundits Just Ignore Big GOP State Wins

Overthrow of the Roman Monarchy by Sandro Boticelli
Overthrow of the Roman Monarchy by Sandro Boticelli

It’s amazing to watch Republican politicians and pundits, who’ve basically lived cloistered lives in D.C., suffer meltdowns over this year’s presidential primary. They’re panicked because two candidates not part of their GOP nobility, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, are combining to vacuum up a huge majority of votes.

Looking out from the safety of their tall towers over a tiny, freakishly friendly slice of a much larger kingdom, these entrenched elected officials and media people have for decades surveyed the electoral playing field like feudal barons. That the “lords” have no genuine grasp of what’s really going on beyond the Potomac has never been more evident than now.

As a result, they either make futile, counter productive endorsements or fill their speeches and columns with premature, inaccurate doomsday predictions about the Republican Party.

Self-serving pols and talking heads, limited by their Beltway tunnel vision, continue to miss the much broader picture as it relates to the GOP.

What they refuse to see is Republican contests, when left mostly in the hands of local, grass roots, non-Beltway commoners have enjoyed historic gains in state governments all across the country.

Here are some statistics as of March, 2016.

  • State houses controlled by a Democrat majority: 16
  • State houses controlled by a Republican majority: 33
  • Democrat state representatives:   2,328 43%
  • Republican state representatives: 3,029 56%


  • Democrat governors:   18   36%
  • Republican governors: 31   62%
  • Full party control: Democrats- 7 states 14%
  • Full party control: Republicans- 22 states 44%


Head to head against Dems, the GOP holds the reins in two times as many state houses, with 3 times as many under full control. They have a landslide advantage in the percentage of elected representatives and governors. Can elections producing these kinds of spectacular results really represent some kind of death knell for the winning party? Or is the “in crowd aristocracy” frightened and deliberately playing dumb because the extraordinary successes are originating outside, sometimes way outside the insider’s realm?

Whether it’s ignorance or feeling threatened, the bottom line is the same. The D.C. centric aristocrats are now both clueless and terrified when confronted by a slate of perceived “interlopers” dominating what has been, over at least the last decade, Washington’s invitation only, “we pick your president game”.

It’s been their game to win, and all they’ve done is lose, and lose big. So restless plebeians, using their God-given common sense, are demanding to know how they can birth the kinds of huge political victories that keep escaping their elitist betters. The result is an angry, and increasingly worried population speaking out very loudly at ballot boxes from Maine to Hawaii. They are rightfully calling for long overdo, seismic changes.

It’s a lucky thing for our Beltway nobility that, unlike in centuries gone by, the unhappy masses can send a message without a bloody overthrow of their ruling class. Because, let’s be honest here, the Potomac River would make a lousy moat.