D.C. Being Trashed, D.C. Treated Respectfully


The photos speak for themselves.

A Tale of Two Americas

The first photos were taken after the women’s march. D.C. was trashed, deliberately. Some of the protesters tweeted that it was a beautiful sight.

This shows blatant disrespect for the people who have to clean it up and for the taxpayers who will have to pay for it. But, hey, they’re entitled.

photography by Andrew K

This is D.C. treated with respect . Which America do you want?




  1. Quick question: Why did you include a picture of New York City sanitation workers sweeping up streets after the New York Giants Super Bowl victory and a stock photo of a New York sanitation worker sweeping up after a parade in NYC?

  2. There are pictures readily available online which shows what the DC mall looked like after Obama’s inauguration vs after the 2009, 1.6 Million person, Tea Party march on Washington – the difference was stunning.
    Post inauguration, the place was an absolute pig sty. After the TP march, there was not a blade of grass left out of place.
    Now this might seem irrelevant, it is not. It shines a bright light on two very different mentalities, one which lacks respect and personal responsibility, the other showing great respect and accepting responsibility.
    Saturday’s march was well funded by billionaire George Soros and Sharia proponents. SEND THEM A BILL for the clean up.

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