Father Blasts School Officials for Mandatory Instruction in Islam

Dad Christopher Wyrick

Dad Christopher Wyrick found out Islam was being forced down his child’s throat in the San Diego Unified School District and slammed the board for it with other unhappy conservative parents.

The school board tried to shut him down as he went ballistic during a public meeting but that didn’t work out. The video of the event has since gone viral.

CAIR is teaming up with the left-wing district officials to teach all about Islam in his child’s school. They have incorporated a mandatory Islamic sensitivity training course in social studies under the guise of a fake anti-bullying campaign.

There has been no rash of bullying and no evidence was presented that there has been.

The San Diego Union Tribune, a left-wing newspaper, reported that the district is working with CAIR to protect the children and since conservative sites reported it, they’ve suffered backlash.

Several speakers discussed CAIR’s ties to terrorist groups and mentioned that the U.A.E. has declared CAIR a terrorist group. The U.S. has not labeled it a terror group – yet.

Speakers also told the board that they should rescind the plan and not follow Sharia law.

Because the item was not on the agenda, the board had an excuse to not discuss it or take action.

This man in the next clip speaks for me, how about you?


  1. Americans are not reacting to the abuses from authorities, so it is becoming more overt. Soon people like this man may be arrested immediately for speaking up.

  2. There isnt a hell hot enough for these psychotic, self-hating, suicidal liberal mongrels.

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