Daily Beast Claims Conservatives Are Freaked Out by Gays, They Have a Point!


At least one Daily Beast author claims that conservatives fear gays and they have a point. There is fear, but mostly it’s a fear of losing First Amendment rights because of a small number of gays, or rather LGBTs.

The Daily Beast posted an article on March 1, titled, “Why are conservatives so freaked out by gays?” First off, the author should say LGBTs because it is not about gays, it’s about LGBTs. The author came to the conclusion that conservatives are afraid of gays because they don’t want them to have equality. Equality, the Daily Beast author says, will mean conservatives will lose the argument. The author also came to the conclusion that innocent gays merely want equality and nothing else.

Is that true?

Arizona recently became a focal point in the battle over gay rights. This law that was merely an update to a 1993 federal law was touted as an anti-gay rights bill. The purpose of the bill in actuality was to protect the rights of bakers and photographers who don’t want to bake cakes for or take photographs of gay weddings because it is against their religious beliefs. That was turned into conservatives attacking LGBTs.

The bill sought to keep the government from interfering with the free exercise of religion. Read the text of the bill: SB 1062 – Arizona State Legislature. You will see that the bill is not anti-gay, it seeks to protect religious rights regardless of whether or not the government is a party to the action.

A baker who didn’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding lost the case in court and was drummed out of business. A photographer who didn’t want to photograph a gay wedding was forced to settle for thousands of dollars. Their crime? Believing that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The pharmacist who doesn’t want to sell abortion medications because of his religious beliefs would have also been protected as so many others would have been.

Recently Muslim truck drivers refused to deliver a truck of alcoholic beverages because it is against their religion. They were fired. The drivers complained to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) who took it to court on behalf of the drivers who won the case. The company was forced to rehire them and make accommodations. Why is that okay for Muslims but not Christians?

All the Arizona bill was meant to do was provide equal protections under the law.

Why don’t the LGBTs demand Muslims bake cakes for gay weddings? Why are they focused on Christians?

How any author, like the one at the Daily Beast, could put the entire onus on everyone but LGBTs is baffling.

The photo the Daily Beast used to illustrate the article is the one posted here. It shows gays openly displaying affection with ridiculous signs saying “death penalty 4 fags”.  No one in their right mind wants any such thing in the United States and I don’t know of anyone who wants to see LGBTs hurt.

Some, a small number, in the LGBT community like to shock others with public displays of exaggerated affection, which conservatives don’t want to generally see by anyone in public, including heterosexuals.


Our own president put out government ads selling ObamaCare with unseemly photos this past Christmas, photos which further the idea that LGBTs are without any sexual restraints. Read this article by a gay man to understand what I am trying to say: Click Here

LGBTs bring the criticism on themselves in many cases.

Most conservatives want all LGBTs to be treated fairly but anyone who thinks some LGBTs don’t want to be a preferred class and receive unequal treatment is ignoring the complete picture.

The article presented the case this way:

Some on the right are really freaked out by gays. In fact, some don’t even want to do business with them.  You really need to have some serious issues with gay people to say “no” to their money in this challenging economy.

Why is fear mongering against the LGBT community part of the conservative platform? True, Arizona governor Jan Brewer just vetoed a bill that would’ve in essence legally sanctioned discrimination against members of the gay community, but still 13 other states are or have recently considered similar laws.

Just as Disney has the right to boycott the Boy Scouts of America who don’t allow gay scout leaders, so do bakers have the right to refuse to make wedding cakes for gay marriage ceremonies. That’s not how LGBTs see it. They agree with Disney but they sue the bakers and put them out of business if they can. They ignore Muslims for some reason. Ironically, it is in Muslim countries, not the United States, where gays are being executed and imprisoned just for being gay.

The fear that conservatives have is that ministers, priests and orthodox rabbis will be forced to accept the sexual preferences of LGBTs and will eventually be forbidden from speaking out against certain sexual choices.

Eventually, LGBTs will go after freedom of religion.

The right to freedom of religion means religious people don’t have to accept LGBT sexual choices and they don’t have to accept their children being taught that these choices are acceptable. However, LGBTs feel that is inequality. Everyone must believe LGBT choices are acceptable for everyone.

Many conservatives do see same-sex intercourse as immoral but does the LGBT community have the right to act as the thought police and demand they feel otherwise?

LGBTs see sexual preferences as a civil rights issue. Conservatives see civil rights as issues of race and religion but not sexual choices.

Conservatives are afraid. They are afraid that if the line is moved for LGBTs, the line will be pushed further. They don’t see an end.

Now that marriage is no longer between a man and a woman in many states, doesn’t that mean polygamy and other unusual combinations also have to be accepted? It’s almost legal in Utah to be a polygamist thanks to a recent court ruling.

The fact is that if sexual preferences are a civil right, then polygamists have the same civil right. Conservatives do fear this.

Is it – as The Daily Beast author wrote – that  equality “pisses” conservatives off? Or is it the inequality some LGBTs are gunning for that concerns them?

Conservatives don’t want to hurt gays or interfere with their lives, they want to be left alone.

Masha Gessen is telling the truth in this video and this is what conservatives fear:

Do conservatives fear gays? No, they fear their agenda, the one the Daily Beast author thinks doesn’t exist.