Daley’s Out & the Extreme Greenies Win Again


The Hill reports what we all knew already. The extreme Greenies are thrilled to see WH Chief of Staff Bill Daley go. He was one of the moderate appointments who couldn’t possible survive, though he did make it through a year.

The WH overruling of the EPA’s new ozone regulations is directly related to Daley’s intervention. The ozone regulations were so severe that they would have had a crippling effect on business and energy. Read here.

Bill Snape, senior counsel with the Center for Biological Diversity, certifiable Greenie-loon, said, “Daley will be most remembered for his disastrous political and public health decision to scuttle smog standards that had scientific consensus and would have saved literally thousands of lives and millions of dollars in healthcare costs, not the mention help abate climate change impacts.”

What Snape says is not accurate, and he couldn’t possibly know the end results he quotes with such certainty. Check out my link in the previous paragraph.

Other environmentalists, more reasonable ones, said, “A lot of progress was made on his watch with one big disappointment,” the environmentalist said, noting Daley was at the White House during “one of the most productive years” at EPA since the Clinton era.

All that doesn’t matter, what matters to extremists is that they get every single thing they want no matter what the cost and no matter how poor the scientific backing.

Take a look at this graph to see how those extreme and unnecessary ozone regulations would have affected us by monitored counties. The expense and inability to meet these standards was blatantly obvious to everyone. Extremists do not care. They would have us all living in caves if they could because their vision of Mother Earth is more important than human beings and progress.