Damn! I Have to Say Something in Support of Donald Sterling



Stanley’s girlfriend V. Viviano

The last thing I want to do is say something in support of Donald Sterling, the crazy bigoted owner of the LA Clippers. While I can’t stand bigots and find his comments repugnant, I do find the entire treatment of this situation to be unconstitutional and un-American.

A lot of people are stepping on his rights. Yes, Stanley has rights.

Let’s start with his vindictive girlfriend. She probably violated the law taping him. She acted vindictively and taped him without him knowing. It’s illegal in California to tape someone without their permission. Will this lawbreaker escape punishment? I hope she at least has to give back the Bentley.

Let’s get to the truly unconstitutional part of this.

Donald Sterling has been banned for life from the NBA and given the maximum fine possible for racist remarks ripped by many inside and outside the world’s biggest basketball league. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver insisted that he will do “everything in my power” to compel the NBA Board of Governors to “force a sale” of the Clippers.

Sterling is prohibited from attending games or practices, stepping foot inside any Clippers’ facility, taking part in business or personnel decisions, or having a role in league activities such as attending NBA Board of Governors meetings.

He needs to be banned. That’s a fact.

However, this is America. Are we allowed to force a sale?

Also, is he banned from attending a game as a citizen? Can’t Sterling buy a ticket and go to any game he wants? Maybe he can’t sit in the owner’s box, but why can he go to a game?

Okay, say this is all constitutional, which I seriously doubt, isn’t this a standard that will come back to haunt us?

Will this be applied to every owner, every coach and assistant coach, every player, every water boy in the NBA from now on? Will it also cover bigotry against whites? Will it cover players who just lose their temper one day and blurt out some stupid comment that can be interpreted as bigotry?

What a can of worms we have opened.

That being said, he should probably  sell the team, disappear from the public sights, and spare us all.