Dan Pfeiffer Invented the ‘Pen and Phone’ Phrase to Fool Americans


Politico posted an article Thursday, titled, Dan Pfeiffer on origin of ‘phone and pen’. It summarized a key point made in a Politico interview with Dan Pfeiffer.

Apparently, Dan Pfeiffer thought up the expression so that all of us stupid Americans would think the Administration must make progress by establishing an Imperial Presidency. Pfeiffer didn’t want to call it what it is for obvious reasons and had to abandon the more accurate expression, ‘convening authority.’


“This was a process of trial and error to try to figure out, in part, a way to stop everyone in the White House from saying ‘convening authority,’” senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told Mike Allen at POLITICO’s Playbook Breakfast on Thursday. “Much simpler and easier understood.”

Plus, he said, it has “alliteration.”

The pen is Obama’s ability to issue executive orders and take other executive actions, while phone refers to “the power of the Oval Office, through the power of his popularity, his resonance on social media” to “draw attention to and mobilize people to” take action, Pfeiffer said…


pen and phone

Barack Obama with a pen and a phone

Obama is not going to wait. He has a pen and a phone:

Liberal lawyer, Jonathan Turley said it has caused our country to reach a “constitutional tipping point, it’s a dangerous point for our country to be in…”