Dana Loesch Steam Rollers Milwaukee Police Chief’s Lies in Under 4 Minutes


Governor Walker needs to hire Dana Loesch as part of his communication team. She hit hard at left-wing Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett and his police chief for their dishonest and partisan statements attempting to link gun crimes in Milwaukee to laws passed by Governor Walker. She made her comments during an appearance on The Kelly File Thursday evening.

A recent vicious crime by a Milwaukee felon – who did not have the right to own a gun – was suddenly Governor Walker’s fault according to the mayor and his appointee.

The concealed carry laws had nothing to do with this armed criminal but Barrett and Flynn aren’t about to let facts get in the way of the mission to grab the guns of legal firearm owners.

The gun grabbers weaponize deceit and human emotions as a tactic and the facts don’t even enter into it, though they are ready with erroneous studies if need be.

Both Mayor Barrett and Chief Edward Flynn railed against career criminals carrying firearms as somehow Governor Walker’s fault.

Without any basis whatsoever, they connected the recent Milwaukee crime to laws protecting gun rights of law-abiding citizens. Flynn said the horrific crime was “the NRA’s vision for America”. That is another straw man meant to stir passion.

Flynn added that we need to have the “guts and fortitude” to “stand up” to the NRA. That was an attempt to put the blame on the NRA without any basis to do so.  They make them bigger than life when it suits their purpose.

As Dana Loesch said, the problem isn’t the gun laws, it’s the failure to enforce them.

Flynn made the statement to the media that “they passed a law that you don’t need a background check to sell a gun on the street.”

Dana said, “That’s just insane. I don’t expect anything different from a politically-appointed police chief as opposed to a locally-elected sheriff. [referencing Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke]”  Flynn works for Barrett.

“The idea you can walk down the street…the whole gun show loophole, all of this stuff is a myth, she said. “You have federal firearms licensees who sell these things. That’s if you are buying it on line – it has to go through a FFL,” Dana said.

Dana elaborated and added, “In 2001, a Justice Department study came out that showed less than .7% of federal and state inmates, Megyn, actually just went to a gun show and purchased a firearm and they used that in their crimes. So there’s absolutely no statistical basis for this argument.”

The real problem Dana said, is “Leniency in the judicial system and the recidivism rate of these felons. It’s always majority repeat offenders, felons who are not legally able to possess a firearm that keep perpetuating these crimes.”

She also dealt with the erroneous study quoted by liberal Democrat Bernard Whitman on The Kelly File the previous evening.

Republicans need to start exposing these lies. They need to hire Dana Loesch.