Dangerous Criminals Being Released on America’s Streets

Qian Wu, 46, and her husband
Qian Wu, 46, and her husband

The US prison system has released thousands of dangerous illegal criminals onto US streets. There are those who are innocent and get caught up in the system, but the worst problem is the silent release of the dangerous illegals when they can’t be deported because their country of origin won’t take them back.

One woman, Qian Wu was beaten, choked and threatened with a knife by an illegal. He was secretly released from jail within three years and she didn’t find out until he showed up at her apartment saying he imagined she didn’t expect to see him. Terrified, she called the police and he fled.

For two weeks she lived in fear of death. After begging for help from authorities and receiving none, her attacker, Chen, showed up again, this time to brutally murder her.

Apparently the secrecy and the releases are a pattern. They release these dangerous criminals without warning the public. In many cases, it is because their home country won’t take them back. Qian Wu’s killer was on such criminal.

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