David Brock & His Illegal Use of Taxpayer Dollars?


Update: July 3, 2011

Want to file a complaint about your taxpayer dollars going to fund the War on Fox. It’s a simple form – fill it out here and mail or email it. File a complaint against Media Matters and their illicit use of taxpayer dollars here

Most people have heard about the War on Fox by now, but what people haven’t heard is that taxpayers are helping to subsidize it through Media Matters’ tax exempt status. Media Matters received this status because their stated objective was to counter alleged media bias and so to “identify occurrences of excessive bias in the American media, educate the public as to their existence, and to work with members of the media to reduce them.”

David Brock, has been launching his attacks on Fox using this tax exempt status and it is illegal according to some. Read here: Taxpayer subsidy of War on Fox