David Plouffe Said Stepping Over Congress Is Legal In Obamaland


David Plouffe is back and he says that the White House attorneys believe it is completely within the White House’s discretion to ignore Congress and order the halt to deportation of young illegals (ages up to 30).

Obama senior adviser David Plouffe on Fox News Sunday today said the White House is “absolutely confident this is within our authority” on President Obama’s new immigration policy.

On Friday, President Obama told Homeland Security to stop deportation of almost a million illegals between the ages of 16 and 30 under certain conditions. Naturally, their families will have to stay. It is only good for two years but it is meant to force passage of the nightmarish DREAM Act.

Actually, his presidentialness is trying to say Homeland Security told him they were doing it as a way of easing the deportation burden.

In reality, it is easing the burden the constitution places on President Obama. Remember that President Obama did tell a Chinese audience they were lucky because they didn’t have to deal with congress. Obama is not a negotiator, he is a ruler, a benevolent dictator.

Obama has a very sympathetic case but he’s making it illegally and people really need to rebel. Aside from the porous borders, we have people jumping ship and overstaying visas. While citizens and legal residents can’t get jobs, the competition just got a whole lot worse.

Mitt Romney called President Obama’s decision politically motivated and said that the president’s order will make a long-term solution more difficult. Obama had a democratic congress for two years and did nothing – why?

Plouffe had the moxie to tell the “Republican Congress” to do something as if the Democratic Senate did not exist. The Senate won’t even put a budget on the table since Obama’s budget went down without one vote in support.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a national co-chair of Romney’s campaign, said –

“He looked the American people in the eye when he ran last time and promised that he would do his version of comprehensive immigration reform in his first term,” Pawlenty said on the “This Week” roundtable. “He had the full run of the table, and he failed to get it done, like he’s failed to get so much else done.”

In the video, David Fluff says that we are a nation of immigrants and those people who want to staff our labs and serve our country ought to be able to do that. I totally agree AS LONG AS THEY ARE HERE LEGALLY.

Is this what we want? To staff labs with illegals when we can’t find jobs for legals? Seriously Fluff?