Day of Rage, Day 5, the Republic Is Even Safer Than It Was On Day 1


Belief is such a powerful thing – but because it is, it can also be very destructive and it’s very easily manipulated. ~ Jena Malone

Obama’s class warfare, aided and abetted by far, far left organizations, is creating ever more people to blame the “rich” for all of society’s problems. Class warfare, as it is being used by the administration, is a political gimmick. Crony Capitalism is not Capitalism, so I am not including that as the Capitalism I support. I support free markets. I also support individual freedom.

This Day of Rage, Day 5, event left me somewhat speechless, and I am rarely speechless. The protesters complaints weren’t about crony Capitalism, they were about all Capitalism. They want to live in a collective society, and they find that liberating. I think the video does a good job of showing what is happening on Wall Street so I will let the video speak.

It’s a free country and the protesters are entitled to their opinions, so let them speak, but  I have a problem with them harassing workers and defiling a park. Their numbers are dwindling. The 20,000 never materialized, and if they have even 150 – 200 now, it’s a lot.

Another thing I wondered about is who these young people are. Some seemed to harbor a lot of controlled rage. Each group of young people had at least one older person giving them direction, at least while I was walking around.

The police have been great, and very restrained, despite the protesters signs being paraded about calling them pigs, and despite the occasional protester jumping a barricade.

As an educator, I worry about manipulation of the vulnerable young. Young people need to learn to think for themselves, and form their opinions, based on facts garnered from all sides. Talking with the young people, I didn’t get the impression that they were particularly knowledgeable or open to hearing facts. The older people would not engage with me, but after I heard the young man say the Daily Kos and Brookfield properties are funding this, I think a lot is clearer to me now, if what he said is accurate. By the way, isn’t Brookfield Properties part of the “demonic” corporate world?

I tried to tape a well-dressed woman who was organizing one group, but she wouldn’t allow it – so much for freedom. She sure didn’t fit in with the group with her rather well-coiffed do and her classy clothes. I heard her say…if they look like they’re going to work…and that fits in with the fact that the group has been disrupting people trying to get to work, I now believe there is an organization behind this. It’s not grassroots, spontaneous, or leaderless as some of them have claimed.