Day Two Havana: Obama Lies About Cuban Entrepreneurship


obama in cuba

The PR-Photo-Op trip to Cuba is part of Obama’s legacy, as false as he is. Before he arrives, a campaign to repaint curbs and lines in the street was underway to spruce up the impoverished communist nation. Obama has used the opportunity to insult the US and apologize for us while praising communist healthcare and education.

The White House blog regales with the tale of day two in Havana and the growth of private businesses that now employ one-third of all Cubans. While the Internet is limited, the blog writer admits, the Cubans are inventive and they can find a way, so says the blog. Obama is praised as having made this happen with his acceptance of Cuba last year.

The blog further states that, As the relationship between our countries begins to evolve, businesses in the U.S. are presented with the historic opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge with Cuban entrepreneurs. Startup meetups are already happening all across the country. And, just like their counterparts in New York or California, these meetings are quickly becoming hubs to connect and share valuable tips on how to build and grow a successful company.

He wants to be sure you know it’s ‘historic’.

“..Companies like Stripe are making it possible for Cubans to easily incorporate U.S. companies, by helping them set up U.S. bank accounts in order to accept payments from customers around the world.”

El Presidente Obama takes credit for these alleged changes.

“…for centuries actually, the obstacles have been pretty onerous. But that’s starting to change, with thanks in part to President Obama’s decision to change course in the U.S. relationship with Cuba more than a year ago.”

What he left out is there is no Internet for the common people. The government decides what the people will see in the media and gives them only glimpses into the outside world. Only North Korea rivals Cuba in the degree to which the State has shut their people off from the world.

Only 5% of Cubans actually have access to the open Internet, according to Internet freedom watchdog Freedom House. Home connections are practically nonexistent, and only government officials, academics, doctors, engineers, or regime-approved journalists have Internet access at work, says Ellery Biddle, a researcher who has focused on Cuban Internet issues for the last six years.

For everyone else, there are expensive government-run Internet cafes where an hour of connection can cost between $6 and $10, a prohibitive amount of money in a country where the average monthly salary is around $20.

Even computers are hard to come by.

Mashable reports that despite limiting access, the Cuban government has a major footprint on the Internet. A 1,000-strong cyber militia, made up of students from the University of Computer Sciences (UCI) of la Havana, are part of a so-called propaganda initiative called Operation Truth. They are tasked with discrediting government critics and promoting the government’s agenda.

The regime even has its own versions of Wikipedia and Facebook. Cuba’s online encyclopedia is called Ecured, but it only has 78,000 articles and a small number of hand-picked editors. Social Red was Cuba’s short-lived response to Facebook.

They will allow bank accounts because they want US dollars.

Finally, it is not Cuba that’s changing, it’s US companies.

The price of doing business in Cuba is for US companies to adapt to communist rules, regulations, oversight, and full control.

US governments can only invest as minority members of the company with the communist government as majority members. All companies are majority owned by the communist government.

The US companies will be supporting the violent communist government and they will have no power or authority.

US companies will have to pay normal wages to the Communist government and the government will in turn pay the usual $20 a month. Castro will keep the rest of the money. The US companies will subscribe to communist rules.

This will only empower and strengthen the regime and we got nothing for it despite the fact that we had all the power. We didn’t even get the convicted cop killer back – Joanne Chesimard,

What Obama is doing is immoral. He is interweaving US businesses with the communist government and Cuban military in charge.

Cuba stole $7 billion from US governments in 1959 and they will never repay it because Obama will not hold them accountable. The personal property stolen is also lost.

In general, one of the side effects of globalization has been that free markets have given way to crony capitalism aka crony socialism and are now accepting state-run communist franchising as a way of life. US companies do it in China and Russia now.

Capitalists cede much more than their totalitarian counterparts.

The communist and fascist countries are not becoming freer, the Totalitarian State is being enriched and capitalists are losing free markets.