DC Can’t Measure Snow



DC wants you to believe they can predict the changes in climate 100 years from now but they couldn’t properly measure the snowfall yesterday according to The Washington Post. They came up with a measurement of 17 inches which was wrong and now we will never know.

Chevy Chase had 29.5 inches
Nearby Chevy Chase had 29.5 inches

Snowfall measurements are important historically and they impact economy, life and property – they’re important.

DC had the wrong measurements because they didn’t follow the guidelines.

The procedure doesn’t sound too challenging. All they had to do is put a board on the ground before the snow began and in a position that won’t be disturbed by drifting. Every time they measure, they’re supposed to wipe the board clean for obvious reasons.

They should have used the hockey stick! Or they could have just changed the measurements like they did to make 2015 the hottest year on record. All they did in that case was alter the other hottest years to make 2015 the hottest!

The snow is measured at Reagan by observers, but basically, the government was unable to give the public a proper snow measurement fro the DC area and that was not discovered by the government but by others.

Climate change depends on computer models and thermometers. There are only about 1,200 or so temperature stations with data that go into the calculation. That’s one thermometer for every area the size of Missouri. Temperatures can vary significantly between localities, let alone across that much surface area, The Daily Caller reported. The locations of the land-based thermometer stations change as well.

Now you can see there are other factors that come into play.