DC Public School SPOX Wants to Abolish “White Men”


A D.C. public school spokeswoman would like to get rid of white men. Hilary Tone, communications director for D.C. Public School system, posted her comments on Twitter and Facebook but has since deleted them.

Her comments reflect her sense of humor with regards to Rick Perry being chosen to lead the EPA when he said he wanted to abolish it. She said she’s like to be Secretary of White men in that case. This is a woman who is, first of all a spokespersons, and secondly, a spox for schools!

She has since made her Twitter page private and cleansed her Facebook page. The Daily Caller wrote that she sort of apologized and wrote, “Hey Internet – upon reading my mentions, it occurs to me that my tweet about white men earlier today was in poor taste,” Tone tweeted. “My apologies.” She then went off to work with our youth.

Ironic how her name is Hilary and her other name is Tone.

The nasty leftist rhetoric is ramping up and it knows no limits.