De Blasio Rewrites History by Changing City Hall’s Historical Paintings


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a leftist, and his co-mayor wife, plan to rewrite history by changing the historic City Hall paintings because there are too many white guys.

He wants to put modern paintings up which reflect, not a united state, but a multicultural one, further diluting our American heritage and culture for a nondescript worldly one.

He believes there are too many Founding Fathers on the wall.

Some portraits have already been removed, leaving room for de Blasio and his wife’s rewrite.

City Hall has an extensive collection of portraits by renowned artists such as Charles Wesley Jarvis, John Trumbull and John Vanderlyn.

There are portraits of past presidents, former mayors, military heros and others who had a significant connection to New York City.

The existing collection includes portraits of Alexander Hamilton, President George Washington, Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani.

Art historians aren’t pleased with de Blasio. Even art history is politicized and bastardized by de Blasio.

Instead of history, he will reflect his racist views.

The former VP of the design commission, Michelle Bogart, said de Blasio wants more art in the City Hall that reflects diversity.

It reflects the historical leaders currently.

“You do not dismantle a major historical collection or remove it from the walls because it doesn’t appeal to your particular sense of taste or your particular idea of the city now!” fumed Michele Bogart, a former vice president of the Public Design Commission, which oversees the City Hall portrait collection.

“It’s an absolute disgrace to take the efforts of staff of the previous administration and basically spit on them,” she told the New York Post last week when the announcement was made.

The major portraits have just undergone restoration and not hanging them up is problematic.

John Bentz, pictured below, is currently restoring paintings that will probably go into storage.

John Bentz

De Blasio most likely wants Chinese, Muslims, Hispanics and Blacks up on the walls of history.

“The Mayor and First Lady believe the art at City Hall should reflect the vibrant diversity of New York City, and discussions on how to update the building’s collection to celebrate that diversity are underway,” Mayoral spokeswoman Marti Adams said last week.

City Councilman Charles Barron said in 2001 that he wanted to toss out the Thomas Jefferson portrait and replace it with a bust of Malcolm X, calling the third president “a pedophile” who had a sexual relationship with his young slave Sally Hemings.

Barron also said at the time that he would seek legislation to line City Hall’s walls with portraits of black and Hispanic leaders – and reportedly even gave the incoming speaker a hammer and nails so he could hang portraits of the “brothers and sisters.”

That is probably where we are now headed. Tthough there is no talk of Jefferson being taken down, once Malcolm X is up, one would be hard pressed to take his portrait down without a riot ensuing.

Until the last five years of his life, Malcolm X was a violent and fairly despicable man.

De Blasio has also closed down Gracie Mansion to public tours and put an ugly plastic fence around it.


  1. As a fifth generation New Yorker and admirer of President Washington since childhood, I actually shed a tear upon learning of this travesty. If there is something to be done, I would like to participate, considering the people of New York were not consulted. Hoping we won’t fall asleep on this issue. It’s just the beginning!

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