De Blasio Sees Too Many Whites in New York City Museums, Orchestras, and Dance Troupes


There are too many whites in New York City cultural organizations and New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio is going to do something about it!

His administration is conducting a review of the race of employees in “cultural organizations such as museums, orchestras, and dance troupes” with the intention of altering the complexion of the staffs.

For Warren Wilhelm Jr aka Bill de Blasio, it’s never about talent, quality, commitment, hard work, it’s about race and ideology.

There is a major review of the diversity of the boards, staffs and audiences of New York City cultural organizations, such as museums, orchestras and dance troupes this summer to be undertaken by his administration, the NY Times reports.

“If you’re living in a city like we are in New York — with 65 percent people of color right now — maybe we’re missing out on some of the talent if we don’t have diverse audiences, staffs and boards,” said Tom Finkelpearl, the city’s commissioner of cultural affairs, whose department will commission the study.

They’d like to see a 65% audience of color!

That 65% number will continue to go up based on the city’s penchant for welcoming illegal aliens from all over the country and the world.

Tom Finkelpearl

Finkelpearl said, “…diversity should be a priority for institutions when it comes to naming trustees or hiring employees.”


There are too many whites says Mr. Finkelpearl.

“Over 90 percent of staffs at museums nationally are white,” Mr. Finkelpearl said.

They won’t inflict quotas or financial punishments at this point but they will send the data to the organizations and only a fool won’t get the message.

“It’s a general goal,” he says.

“I came away inspired,” said Claudia Bonn, executive director of Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center in the Bronx. “It’s something that you don’t think about all the time.”

Appalled would have been  better reaction.

The Ford Foundation will finance the study unsurprisingly.

“The arts cannot be the exclusive purview and playground of the privileged,” said the president of the Ford Foundation. The privileged are the white of course, not the elites who run the Ford Foundation or the white guy in Gracie Mansion.

“Free benefits at city cultural organizations” are currently being given to illegal aliens so they will come get their municipal ID cards.

“Everything we do in the organization now is seen through the lens of equity,” said Anne Pasternak, the president and artistic director of Creative Time.

It’s not a good time to be white in New York City.

Equity as opposed to equality, setting racial quotas whether by visible or invisible force, is a communist ideal, where you lower everyone to the same level.

People need to have the same opportunities, not the same outcomes. All people have different abilities and work habits. There is also something called personal responsibility.

The US Department of Transportation is weighing social equity in transit funding and housing rules. This particular communist ideal is taking the place of traditional values throughout the country and it’s insidious.

Sir Thomas More saw the dangers to the rule of law when equity is used in an extreme way for political reasons or for mercy. It brings about inequality as it brings everyone to the same level and it becomes inherently unfair.

By the standards of equity which this administration seeks, Mr. Finkelpearl needs to consider quitting and replacing himself with an illegal alien. Paintings by white artists need to be put in storage and works by street artists need to line the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is too much opera and not enough rap. We need to replace Broadway tunes with Latin Hip Hop, less ballet, more Salsa.

If they want equity, that’s real equity!

All in the name of our new god, political correctness.