Deaf Child’s Name Violated School Weapons Policy


hand gun Photo of hand sign for the name “Hunter.” It puts a whole new meaning the the words “hand gun”.

This is a year-old story making the rounds on the Internet but it’s interesting.

School officials suggested to the parents of a three-year old deaf boy that his name should be changed because his name is Hunter and the hand sign for Hunter looks something like a gun. Mind you, it’s a hand sign.

His Nebraska school asked him to sign his name a different way. In other words, he would have needed to change his name. Grand Island School officials said the “Weapons in Schools” Board Policy 8470 forbids “any instrument … that looks like a weapon.”

Since when is a hand sign, made by a three-year old, a weapon?!?

The school backed off – it was only a suggestion.

What I found interesting about the story, besides the effrontery, was the absurd interpretation of the weapons policy. The word moronic comes to mind.

Do you think it’s an overreaction? Food for thought.