Death of U.S. Coal Industry Is Imminent


Of all Obama’s wars, the war on coal will be one of the most expensive for us to survive. The cost of energy will “necessarily skyrocket” as Obama halts further development of fossil fuels, particularly coal, and spends inordinate amounts of money on renewables not ready for market.

Alpha Natural Resource announced the closing of 8 coal plants in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The left is rejoicing and minimizing the impact by saying it is ONLY 1200 employees.

The coal miner’s union in Ohio for one is not supporting Obama for president but they won’t support Romney either. A number of their leaders are democratic delegates and legislators. They count on the democrats to help them capture higher salaries and benefits but it won’t do them much good when there are no jobs.

EPA promises to destroy coal:

Obama promises to bankrupt coal:

Not to worry, Obama has a vision:

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