Debate Highlights: Big Losers and Winners


Republican debate

The biggest loser was the MEDIA.

I’ve included a few of the highlights from the debate. In general, the quality of the answers were far superior to those of the Democrat debate which was merely a competition for who could give the most away for “free.”

Ted Cruz called the media out and defended his fellow Republicans – he nailed it. Why is the GOP being interviewed by liberals anyway? I don’t see an entire panel of Republicans interviewing Hillary.

Most of the questions were poor or based on inaccurate information and the moderators should have been embarrassed. Their questions were liberal talking points. John Harwood should be banned from debates – he’s nasty and disrespectful. On several occasions, they had their facts wrong. The candidates banded together against the media to their great advantage.

Of those on the stage this evening, Jeb Bush appeared to be the weakest and could well be on his way out as a candidate. Rand Paul didn’t have a moment and John Kasich had a moderate night. Carly Florina did well.

Senators Cruz and Rubio had a good night and were probably the big winners.

Donald Trump did not hurt himself. Dr. Carson and former Governor Huckabee did well. Chris Christie didn’t have a breakout moment but he had more time to answer than in the prior debate and did well.

Ted Cruz blasted the interviewers on the panel during the debate for asking questions that pit each candidate against the other.

Ted Cruz tells off interviewers during the debate

Trump attacked Kasich on his academic platform. He basically told Kasich that his state’s growth wasn’t because of anything he did but because of fraking.

Kasich-Trump kerfufle during the debate

Jeb Bush tried to attack Marco Rubio for missing votes while out campaigning. Rubio’s response ended up making Bush look weak and small. Jeb Bush always seems to be a little out of sync with the people. It wasn’t an issue that was going to win him any points.

Rubio’s great response to Jeb Bush by mauriedee–

It would be hard to beat this answer by Dr. Ben Carson.

Great answer by Dr Carson

The moderator tried to pit Mike Huckabee against Donald Trump and he gave a great answer, turning it into an attack on Hillary which is what all the candidates need to do every time. Chris Christie had a great comment on the end.

Mike Huckabee turns an attack question against…

The answer by Chris Christie to getting the government involved in Fantasy Football was interesting. Christie did an excellent job of dealing with Harwood and answering the climate change question. He told Harwood that even in Jersey what he was doing is considered rude.

Chris Christie on big government by mauriedee–


  1. I think you were pretty spot on, only I didn’t actually think ANY of them did badly, and I was a lot more impressed with Cristy than before. I like the fact that they banned together to get on with important questions, and yes, I do think the moderators sucked, just about as much as the dems. on the Bengazi Committee. They think its all a game and just about “politics” only and not about saving the country, and its’ really sad.

  2. It was refreshing to see the Republican Presidential Hopefuls working together. Even with the biased questions from the Far Left Media. My favorite response was from Christie and I agree with him. It is obvious that President Obama has left our law enforcement out to dry. In my home city, they are trying hard to recruit new officers. Even giving out bonuses as incentives. People are steering clear of the job. Who can blame them. They have a target on their back and the President of the United States put it there.

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