Debate Videos So You Can Relive the Nightmare



Let’s summarize – we’re screwed.

Trump said he agreed with what Rubio did on the amnesty bill and he – Trump – makes deals all the time. I start with that so you too can have agita.

Ted Cruz, and Rubio to a lesser degree, had some outstanding answers and Donald Trump had no substantive answers on solving the debt or foreign policy but Trump won according to the online polls. He won with 70% on Drudge Report.

It’s because of the establishment spending the last seven years funding Obama’s socialist agenda and acting as if it was business as usual. Trump is the man who brought our real problems to the fore when no one else would.

The debate began with Trump talking about his hands and another body part which are big, we learned Marco is little, the nuclear triad is not a rock band, Trump won’t ask for the NY Times audio to be released, Trump is softening his stance on immigration, Trump will tell China what to do in the China Seas, Trump will make the military waterboard, Trump will make America great again.

Trump gave the same general answers he always gives.

Cruz said the great city of Detroit was destroyed by liberal policies. So true! Cruz is very up on foreign affairs and had some great lines but people were interested in Trump.

As the country goes to you-know-where in a hand basket, Rubio zeroes in on the real problem – Trump University. He is also suddenly concerned about foreign workers and where Trump has his clothing line made. He wants people committed to Trump to buy into the con man angle he’s selling.

Trump’s inconsistent and was faced with those inconsistencies and flip flops during the debate.

Kasich claims he did pretty much everything and he knew Reagan. Just to show you how unaware he is – he thinks he will be the nominee. If he is, it will be because of shenanigans. Fox seems to think he had the advantage. I can’t even imagine why.

Cruz closed by saying he has the backs of our military, law enforcement, and the American people.

All agreed to support the nominee of the Republican party. Trump told O’Reilly after the debate that he will not go third party – you have to win as a Republican.

The debate was mostly ad hominem attacks and they did score against Trump but it won’t matter.

After the debate, Trump told Bill O’Reilly to go see a shrink. He thinks O’Reilly was negative towards him.



Trump: Romney was an embarrassment.

More information than we need about anatomy.

Kasich finds this all boring.

Chris Wallace asks Rubio how many jobs he’s created.

Trump tells Megyn she’s looking well.

I’m not sure when Rubio began caring about foreign workers but he hit Trump on it who dodged.

Can I talk Wallace?

Cruz gets called “lyin Ted” after asking Trump to release his tapes.

The military won’t refuse Trump if he tells them to waterboard.

Trump said he has a strong core and he’s a flexible businessman.

Cruz to Trump, learn not to interrupt.

Megyn Kelly corrects Trump on his apparently lousy university.

Trump said, “breathe, breathe…Rubio: when they’re done with yoga, can I answer a question.”

Cruz: Donald has a tenuous relationship with the truth.

Arena! Arena! Arena!

On his way out, Trump tells O’Reilly to go visit a shrink.



  1. Sadly Fox “moderators” with the exception of Brett Baer were little better than the CNN bunch that hosted the most recent debate disaster. Kelly and Wallace promoted the candidate baiting, and happily allowed the non-substantive back and forth to go on, and on, and on.
    There wasn’t a single question about the bombshell revelation that Hillary’s techie was given immunity. Can you imagine any other network not asking that question of Dems if the circumstances were reversed & Trump, Cruz or Rubio was in Clinton’s position?
    Big surprise:). FNC’s after hour “experts” virtually all agreed it was John Kasich’s night. It ain’t 1995 any more John. This bunch of radical, liberal, socialists would roll a “well meaning” Kasich on every major issue.
    I’m starting to think Fox is “in the tank” for a brokered GOP convention. Sure looked that way tonight.

    • You’re not kidding. This morning it was how good Kasich was, they’re going to interview Rubio, they’re putting down Trump and as usual they act like Cruz doesn’t exist.

      Kasich? Really? do they honestly think we will go for Kasich? He is allegedly leading in national polls but can’t win a state, maybe not even his own.

    • Don’t forget the CNBC fiasco!

      As far as yesterday’s went…MY “ooh ick” moment was
      “Breathe, Donald…breathe…breathe…”

      The so-called “principled” guy took part in the ambush last night.
      He COULD have stood on principles and INTERVENED and chastized the moderators as he did in the CNBC thing.
      But DID HE?!?
      Last night’s event was UNFORGIVABLE, on SO many counts.

      * TRUMP 2016 *

  2. My most frightening moment was trump’s response as to how he would handle the military. I couldn’t believe what he said. Went back to hear it again. My God, if those aren’t words of a dictator, I don’t know what is, even those who support him would have to take pause!

    • Yes and the Chinese are going to do what he says also. The RINOs need a new spokesperson to stop him. Mitt’s not the guy.

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