Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Destroys 70-Year Relationship Between A Temple & A Past President

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Synagogues should not be used for political purposes, and for Mr. Stanley Tate to be told that he cannot speak in front a congregation in which his family has helped found with 70 years of dedicated service goes against the bible’s teachings of thanking people for the good that they do. The Bema (dais) is traditionally not used for any political purpose, and it is unfortunate that Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s politics has ruined the 70 year family relationship between Tate and the Temple.- Rabbi Yehuda Kaploun, President of the Orthodox Alliance of Florida

That is the response to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who went to Temple Israel’s Board of Trustees and objected to them allowing Mr. Tate the opportunity to speak as they were both scheduled to address the congregation. Mr. Tate has endorsed her opponent in the congressional race. Partisan Debbie is vindictive and not a big supporter of free speech.

Tate sent the following letter to the congregation –

I have been told by the Temple Israel Board of Trustees, that in no uncertain terms, I am not welcome, nor am I desired to speak on the bema (dais), nor does the Temple want me in any way to address the attendees on the evening of May 25th, after the Shabbat Services, even though the other invited speaker will be giving her politically motivated remarks on the topic of “Maintaining a Strong U.S. – Israel Relationship.” – Stanley Tate

Tate also stated that the Board of Trustees held a “special” meeting on May 14th where the majority of the board decided not to let him address the congregation.

Board members told him that Debbie said, “Stanley cannot be allowed to speak”, and that “no other speaker can speak in opposition before or after her.”

She’s a disgrace and doesn’t even care to show any sense of humility or fairness. She didn’t care that she ruined a 70-year relationship. It’s all about Debbie after all.