Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Rages About Romney’s Audacity During His Acceptance Speech


Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who is herself a robotic-like talking point, surprisingly, hated Romney’s speech. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I thought she’d love it. She is always so normal when discussing Republicans, claiming they want to kill women, seniors, and children. She’s never given to hyperbole.

She was interviewed by Soledad O’Brien about the Romney acceptance speech and was asked what she found concerning about it. Debbie said he had the audacity to not layout specifics:

“What is deeply concerning to me as an American is that Mitt Romney had the audacity to not layout specifics but nice platitudes about how he would create job, 12 million of people, get a handle on the economy and apply his economic wizardry to the nation’s problems and did it in a way that didn’t give us any specifics,” she says.

We all know what a wizard Obama has been in solving our economic problems, creating all those phantom jobs he lays claim to, spending us into oblivion as fast as he can with trillion dollar plus budgets every year.

She did correctly say there were two paths, two visions before us.

She then said Romney’s personal moments were very nice but he HAD to do that. She then dove into her class warfare rhetoric about taxing the wealthy.

Schultz then lashed out again at his lack of specifics which she says he did deliberately so he wouldn’t get in trouble. How old is she? 12?

Concerning the beautiful moment Romney shared about his father leaving a rose for his mother each night of their marriage, Schultz said it was a missed opportunity. He should have talked about opportunities for women and the sham Lily Ledbetter law, she said. I wonder if she thinks that should have been inserted before he talked about his father dying or immediately after.

Schultz must have missed the part where Romney said half his staff  (when he served as Massachusetts Governor ) were WOMEN! Can Obama say that? NO!

She thought the convention was about tearing down Barack Obama. I guess she missed the elevated, thoughtful speeches unlike those she conducts.