Deep StateGate! Former CIA Official Threatens President Trump on Air



Former counterterrorism official Phil Mudd threatened President Trump on air. He said the boys at the FBI are “ticked” and the bureaucrats are determined to get rid of him.

“You’ve been around for 13 months. We’ve been around since 1908,” Mudd said on The Situation Room Friday. “I know how this game is going to be played. We’re going to win.”

“So the FBI people, I’m gonna tell you, are ticked and they’re gonna to be saying ‘You think you can push us off this because you think you can try to intimidate the Director?’ You better think again, Mr. President,” Mudd said.

In August, this same former agent said: “Let me give you one bottom line – as a former government official, the government’s gonna kill this guy [Trump],” he said.

“People talk about the deep state, when you disrespect government officials who’ve done 20 or 30 years, they’re gonna say ‘really – Vladimir Putin sends officers home and you support him before you support us?’”

When Tapper asked, you mean that as a metaphor, he said that’s what he meant. Hmm…

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also told President Trump these agencies have ways of getting even.

Having these bozos talking in public really doesn’t do a lot to build trust in the intelligence community.


  1. I really, firmly believe people like this act like “thugs” in hopes of retaliation by Government so they can then say, “Dictator, Fascist, Tyrant and on and on. It’s the same reason those in the media and and in the streets also act as thugs. They want to “create” the environment that, they hope, will result with intervention. That is why the rhetoric keeps ratcheting up.

    • Jake Tapper of CNN Tweeted on March 21, 2014, that CIA/FBI official Phillip Mudd is the great-grandson of Dr. Samuel Mudd of John Wilkes Booth infamy. Although, in his defense, Dr. Mudd didn’t know Lincoln had been assassinated. Philip Mudd, on the the other hand, should know better than to threaten the president.

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