Déjà Vu All Over Again in Obamaland


hat tip to Gary Spina

It’s Déjà vu all over again:

Click the link for Obama’s primer on A Plan for Jobs and Middle Class Security.

The plan is a primary school picture book with propaganda photos and rehashed talking points to fill up the space. He has some catchy phrases like “a new economic patriotism” which is nothing more than putting a positive spin on tax and spend.

His picture book doesn’t add up as he raves about the 5.2 million jobs he created since we are negative 125,000 jobs. He didn’t create enough jobs to keep pace with the growing population.

The small investments in education that he talks about are taxes to promote more government mandates that are killing our teachers. The business promotion is merely some tax incentives which are worthless, like the $1000 incentive to hire a new employee.

There is excessive jabber about the middle class which has lost so much under his presidency – $4400 in annual income per household on the average for starters. He doesn’t mean middle class really. He is talking to his union leader buddies who are as statist as he is in many cases.

He laughingly says he is putting us in charge of our healthcare as he puts us under the heavy hand of the rationing board – the IPAB – and tens of thousands of IRS agents.

He tries to claim he’s made us less reliant on foreign energy. We are getting poorer and are less able to use fuel but that is his plan, isn’t it?

Take a look at the booklet. It’s absolutely insulting. Trying to find it on the White House site is a challenge so I found the link on ABC News (American Bolshevik Corp.).