Deja Vu All Over Again with Immigration Reform



The immigration bill is written! All of us commoners are going to be allowed to see it on Thursday. Of course we will need to hire attorneys to wade through the 1500 pages and achieve any semblance of clarity.

Some in the GOP are becoming concerned that the immigration bill will be rammed through just like Obamacare. They should be concerned.

Senator Leahy is only considering, maybe, possibly, having one hearing. Even if there is a hearing, the gang of eight will block any attempts at amending the bill. I guess it is perfect as is (facetiousness here).

The gang of eight – John McCain (RINO-Az), Jeff Flake (R-Az), Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC), Dick Durbin (D-Ill), Robert Menendez (D-NJ, under investigation for corruption), Chuck Schumer (D-NY, obnoxious hack), Michael Bennett (D-Colo.) – held the entire process in secret.

If it’s so great, why didn’t they let us in on it as it was being developed?

The politicians always have these gangs that come up with unappealing bills. “Gang” is an apt descriptor.

Senator McCain gave the following reassurances:

“Some are saying, well, we’re not having enough hearings, we’re not having enough — first of all, we know the issue,” McCain said.  “But second of all, the Judiciary Committee will act. There will be amendments. There will be debate. Then it will go to the floor of the Senate.  There will be plenty of time for discussion and debate. So, I reject this notion that something is being railroaded through. This is the beginning of the process, not the end of it.”

That makes me feel better – not!

Some politicians claim it won’t happen on Thursday.

So, there you have it. We will see it on Thursday, maybe, possibly.

Full story at washington examiner