Delaying Their Lie Doesn’t Mean Dem Pols Aren’t Still Liars



Branco toon via Net Right Daily

Heeding the desperate pleas of vulnerable Democrats, petrified at the thought of venturing into the private sector, President Obama has once again decreed law from on high.  The lie of the year, “If you like your health care plan you can keep your your health care plan. Period!” is taking an awful toll on all the pols who used those comforting words to deliberately and repeatedly deceive constituents.

Their dishonesty fully unmasked, Obama has rushed to help by pushing back a part of ObamaCare that forces people to buy health insurance mandated by the federal government.  The hope is, delaying this very unpopular provision for several years will allow voters to forget their politicians’ deceit….at least through the next couple election cycles.

But in truth, Democrats haven’t made a substantive, long term effort to genuinely fix anything but their reelection.  The cure for the last broken promise is a brand new promise designed to postpone your pain for three years.  The Dem’s antidote for their premeditated lie is to simply postpone it’s impact.  Given that lack of credibility, what makes this latest pledge any more worthy than the original  guarantee they so earnestly repeated beginning in 2009?  Who’s to say, once regaining full congressional control, these fraudsters wouldn’t return to their same old dirty tricks?

Before you answer, consider that given the current, very disappointing enrollment numbers, a huge influx of people paying into ObamaCare are going to be needed well before 2017. If Democrats win in 2014, what’s to prevent Barack Obama from issuing another executive order moving the Fed’s onerous insurance coverage mandates from 2017 to 2015?  Do you think the legions of his reelected peeps, emboldened from surprise wins, would suddenly rebel against their president and allow his “historic signature legislation” to implode?  Hell no.

That’s why Barack has given them an out, and an opportunity to campaign on a mildly edited version of their previous whopper.  The revised party mantra will essentially be, “If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan….through 2017.”  GOP challengers should demand their Democrat opponents, very publicly, swear to that “amended” vow.  Incumbents will look appropriately ridiculous.  The exercise will remind voters that delaying their lie doesn’t mean those Dem politicians aren’t still liars.