Delays in Airports Are Not the Result of Sequester



Due to Sequester, the FAA has been furloughing employees since Thursday. They are doing it in a way that makes the delays the most painful. I can’t imagine why.

Even with that, Newsday reported Monday that the Port Authority slowdowns were NOT the result of austerity measures.

Anyone who has taken flights from a NY airport knows that long delays are the order of the day.

There were 45 minute delays at LaGuardia Monday, which is not unusual. Newark had delays of 29 minutes which is pretty good actually.

The Port Authority spokesman Chris Valens said that the delays on Sunday were mostly due to volume. “We are not seeing any sequestration delays today, but Sunday is usually a lighter day for travel,” he said.

Newsday and the Port Authority aren’t being good soldiers. They are telling the truth and not parroting the party line.