Democrat Adam Schiff Says Trump Guilty of Obstruction Not Firing Robert Mueller


Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee,  says that President Trump not ordering the firing of Robert Mueller is obstruction of justice. It goes to intent, he says.

In other words, Schiff thinks it’s a thought crime for which the President should be impeached, thrown out of office, and jailed.

When he made his comments he was apparently unaware that the NY Times story has been debunked by their own CBS News.

He idiotically compared what we now know is a fake story to the Comey firing.

“What leaps out at me about this disclosure, this new report, is how much in common it has with the Comey situation. With the firing of Comey, what the President had at his disposal were memos from Rod Rosenstein and from Jeff Sessions that provided a pretext, another explanation to give to the public for why Comey was being fired. That is, he treated Hillary Clinton unfairly. Now that is obviously not very plausible and the one who made it clear that was not the real motivation was the President himself.”

The President’s still guilty of obstruction

Schiff should feel the fool after this next spiel but he won’t. This guy can say anything and then be lauded by the Democrats.

“But similarly here with the attempt to fire Bob Mueller, you had the explanations brought up for him, whether it was over golf dues that Bob Mueller had a dispute with the golf club over or it was over some — the fact that the Mueller firm worked with Jared Kushner, even though Mueller didn’t.”

“So this is another effort to present pretext to conceal the real reason for getting rid of Mueller. That does go to the intent in an obstruction case.”

“And the fact that the president wanted to get rid of Jeff Sessions because Jeff Sessions recused himself and why did that bother the president because it led to Bob Mueller. That wasn’t about dues at the golf club, that was about the president perceiving the Russia investigation as a threat and wanting to act on that.”

After you wade through the irrational, conspiratorial blather, you will find Schiff wants to have Trump charged with a thought crime.

Democrats have gone insane. Let’s pray for them.


  1. I called pencil neck’s office and said that I expected that Schitt would be arrested, prosecuted, and convicted and sent to prison for his criminal acts. Never raised my voice but made my point clearly. (THIS GUY was a Federal Prosecutor???? did they catch him for falsifying evidence??)

  2. I do believe that when a lawyer makes a known false statement publicly there can be some problems…………. or is that obvious to him……Is Schitt really a lawyer. did he get fired from his position as a “federal prosecutor”? Boy haven’t they lowered the standards. Does Schiff have the same shitty record of prosecutions as 2/Lt Mueller?

  3. You wonder how many FBI agents are running around arresting people for crimes “committed” with 80% less evidence than there is to arrest Hillary……., shouldn’t BE THAT HARD TO FIND HER IN THE WOODS……..

  4. Release the memo Adam! And the underlying supporting data too! Let’s expose the real criminals and then move along, continuing to Make America Great Again!

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