Democrat Senator Calls for Daily Weigh-Ins of Donald Trump


Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill likes to focus on the real important issues of the day and, in light of Donald Trump’s alleged body-shaming to save the job of Alicia Machado, who later turned out to be one scary woman, McCaskill is calling for daily weigh-ins of Donald Trump.

I’m worried about her weight, aren’t you?

Claire McCaskill
Claire McCaskill

New York Times Live reported:

In the wake of the fallout from Hillary Clinton’s surprise attack on Donald Trump, in which she illuminated the nation to Trump’s body-shaming of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado 20 years ago, some Democratic U.S. senators are proposing a clever idea: daily public Trump weigh-ins.

The idea surfaced on Twitter when Claire McCaskill of Missouri posted a message on Twitter saying, “The D women Senators have talked & we’re concerned about Donald’s weight. Campaign stress? We think a public daily weigh-in is called for.”

It’s so “clever” says the Times.

We believe that if this is something “clever” Democrats want, we also need to weigh Hillary. We are guessing the 5’4″ candidate is about 180 pounds, roughly 50 pounds above the preferred weight. What do you think?

We are worried about her health and think she should be publicly weighed each day as well as televised hooked up to an electrocardiogram and she needs regular head scans too.

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  1. Is this the type of crap these people dwell on while being paid from our tax dollars?I weep for our great nation!

  2. How about an IQ test for people in congress, I watch c-span daily and I can say half the dems have zero business being on capital hill,

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